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It is registered in tourism accommodation with nº
TU984Z RITGA-E-2017-001212

Rural Guesthouse A Laxe. O Pindo. Carnota

Hotel facilities

  • The house is composed by three double rooms with King size beds.
  • The room River is complemented with a hydrotherapy shower. From their windows you can observe both river and sea.
  • The room Sea you can observe the sea coast.
  • From the room Mountain we can observe the Mount Pindo and the balconies in the back of the house.
  • Heating, TV (TFT), bathroom (equipped with a hairdrier) in every room.
  • The living room has a chimney, TV, board games, and several documentation of the area.
  • Full equipped kitchen (its old hearth has been preserved).
  • Dining-room.
  • Shower accessories.
  • Cradle, baby-chair and changing mat available.
  • Several balconies facing the sea, the river and the mountain.
  • Outside furniture.
  • Barbecue.
  • Free internet WiFi.

The porch in the entrance, located on the main facade of the house, is facing the sea from a wide balcony with the beach and, further on, the Fisterra lighthouse as its background.


Once inside, the dinning-room and the kitchen share the same space. The kitchen, where a typical galician hearth has been preserved, is the central core of the house where the inhabitants used to join around the fire. In the lounge, both furniture and materials are designed to be a blink to the past, making it a small journey to the days of our ancestors.


On the back of the house, there are several balconies which make their ascent by the face of the mountain and where, from the highest point, you can enjoy a splendid view of the sunset in Fisterra, the placed once called "the end of the world".

Telephone: (34) 695 366 501 - (34) 645 894 024

E-mail :

Rural Guesthouse A Laxe. O Pindo. Carnota
Rural Guesthouse A Laxe. O Pindo. Carnota

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