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Activities near the cottage

In the vicinity of the house, there are active resorts where they can perform, among other sports, canoeing, archery, climbing, flight instruction (ultralights, parachuting ...), horseback riding, paintball, diving, bicycle routes, canyoning, quad routes, bungee jumping, etc.

Likewise, there are sailing schools with available courses of sailing, windsurfing, etc.

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Death Coast
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Natural tourism
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Routes to discover the Death Coast
Subida al Monte Pindo
Subida al Monte Pindo
Death Coast rural Guesthouse


Two kms away the house you will find the Xallas river waterfall which is 40 mts high, this river is the only one in Europe which flows falling on the sea. It has been partially canalized due to a water reservoir. But in the summertime, on Saturdays and Sundays, at night and noon respectively, the sluice gate is opened.

O Pindo Mountain

There is a hiking route to go all the way up to A Moa. It takes two hours and a half approximately. The starting point is just 50 mts away from the house.


It is the most mythical of the galician mountains, with all its legends, sacrifices, excommunications, fertility rites, fortresses, etc.


You will gaze at the weird shapes of the rocks and guess monsters, animals, ...


Important town because of its history, historical monuments and town council of great touristic interest. Its old quarter and the layout are the best preserved in the Costa da Morte (Death Coast). On the second fortnight of July, one of the most important Medieval Fairs of A Coruña region takes place in this town.

Fisterra Lighthouse

The so called end of the world, everything has been said. You can see it from the balconies and the windows of the house, you will see the amazing sunset.

Carnota Beach

The longest one in Galicia and one of the best beaches in the world. It is ten kms away the house.


If you do not want to go far away from the O Pindo village, you can enjoy San Pedro's beach with its white thin sand, it is 50 mts away the house.

Telephone: (34) 695 366 501 - (34) 645 894 024

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Casa Rural da Costa da Morte
Rural Guesthouse A Laxe. O Pindo. Carnota

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